Bmin public questionnaire to be launched shortly!

The Bmin management are keen to support our membership by developing a better understanding of their needs and desires for the future.

We want to know exactly what we can do to deliver real value back to the local music community.

To gather this information we have commissioned an anonymous survey from the Commercial Banking Unit of Lloyds Bank in Bristol, which will be forwarded to all friends and members of Bmin in the next few days. Please keep an eye out for the survey, click on the link and give us your feedback. It will only take a couple of minutes and you will not be asked to give your name or contact details.

We hope that you will SHARE it with others so that we can capture as much knowledge as possible to help us make informed decisions for the future of our growing membership.

This is a great opportunity for Bmin to focus on the real needs of it’s members, so we thank you in anticipation of the results.

Kind regards,
Mike Isaacs, Chairman, Bristol Music Industry Network

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