“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” John Lennon.

Here at Bmin we work hard to make sure that membership brings real value to all our Members. With membership starting at just £10.00 per year our members gain significant benefit simply because of the networking opportunities it affords them – and that’s besides the access it gives them to other music industry websites and information through our Useful Links/Info page.

Members also get access to a comprehensive range of people and services. For a list of categories check out our Membership Resources page and click on the topic heading you are interested in.

Best of all, our members are mostly here to give of their time and their experience. They get rich reward from investing in our local music scene, helping us all to grow and expand our horizons. With that kind of ethos how can we fail?

Bmin Membership/Discount Cards

The presentation of your membership card will give you benefits from outlets and organisations that display the Bmin discount sign. It is early days and we have many Bristol companies to ‘sign up’ to help benefit your membership, so please keep up to date through this website to see the growing rosta of associated benefits.

Click here to view our Membership Poster

Retail & Hire Services with Discount Offers 

Check out deals from local stores and recording studios such as:

                Factory Studios                

 Professional Services with Discount Offers

Access first class vocal coaching, artist development, workshops and music training services from local specialists such as:

Bristol Voice            ArtistStudioslogo                jelli_logo

Bristol Voice Studio – 1/2 price consultation lesson – £5 off a block booking.

Artist Studio Bristol – Discount on coaching and lessons.

Radio Play Opportunities

bcfmlogo1      BCfm – a community radio station based in Bristol.

new-ujima       Ujima 98FM features local voices and aims to inform, represent, educate, entertain and celebrate culture, heritage and diversity within Bristol.

Venue and Ticket Benefits

Click Bristol Beacon for What’s On Info

Festivals – Benefits TBC as and when.