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Recording StudioBusiness Services

  • Entertainment Agencies
  • Recording & mixing studios
  • Tour planning & management
  • General management
  • Publishing
  • Self employment
  • Accounting
  • Legal/Legislation
  • Solicitors


RetailRetail & Hire Services

  • Association with local music stores & outlets
  • Pre-release gig tickets and last minute deals (when available)
  • PA and equipment hire services
  • Lighting and stage hire services
  • Rehearsal rooms


Promotional Services

  • Merchandising
  • Marketing & Social Media
  • Networking events
  • Radio play opportunities
  • Bmin website Resources section


Song-writingEducational Services

  • Singing lessons
  • Music lessons
  • Instrument tuition
  • Recording techniques
  • Songwriting courses
  • Workshops
  • Seminars & motivational speakers



Performance, Tours & Venues

  • Venues listing of Bmin accredited or sympathetic venues
  • Promoters and Venues seeking acts to perform
  • Gigs and touring opportunities in other parts of the UK
  • Gigs and touring opportunities abroad