About Us

Make connections and get support through the Bristol Music Industry Network (BMIN). It will help build your profile on the local music scene and improve your chances of success!

Next Live Meeting: Awaiting confirmation of date, meeting times usually 12pm till 2pm, first Wednesday of the month. In the meantime please use the Bmin Facebook Group and Messenger Group to communicate with other members.

Venue: To Be Confirmed (either Bristol Beacon itself or Bristol Beacon Music Centre in Southmead).

Don’t forget to interact with us via LinkedIn, Twitter and the Facebook Page and Group too. Contact us on info@bmin.co.uk and we will add you to our secure mail list for future meetings.

The BMIN Mission

  1. To build an enthusiastic and supportive network that will inspire its members to reach their full potential, both creatively and commercially.
  2. To set up an industry-focused knowledge base and gather together a host of great services and expert people and organisations for the benefit of all members.
  3. To act as a voice for the Bristol music industry, with the ability to make things happen, locally and nationally.

How we measure our success

  • Assistance to new members
  • Collaboration between members
  • Input of new ideas to improve opportunities
  • Secured funding or partnerships to benefit member activities
  • A growing network of members and regular meeting attendance
  • Active engagement with music industry professionals outside Bristol
  • Effective lobbying for change where needed.

For more information contact info@bmin.co.uk


BMIN Artists Spotify Playlist

Bristol has a wealth of talent that has been forced to dig in deep to survive during the pandemic and lockdown but has also been using that time to create great new material.

Check out just a small sample of the diversity of style and genres on the link above (16 tracks, 1hr 6mins):

Message info@bmin.co.uk if you are members and would like your latest track added to the playlist.

Loads of benefits!

Great discounts on offer to Bmin Members at local retail stores and music-related services! Check out our Retail & Hire Services page in the Membership Resources section.