About Us

“More than just a networking group, BMIN is a sounding board, a limitless source of  contacts and a platform for you to have your say!”

Bmin is now in its 7th year, has a core membership that support each other, trade their skills and services, exchange ideas and grow their network every month. We meet lunchtimes on the 1st Wednesday of every month at Colston Hall (excluding July and August) but you don’t have to be a member to attend. The Facebook Group now has over 2,500 members so start interacting there today.

Our Mission:

To continue to build an enthusiastic and supportive network that will inspire its members to reach their full potential, both creatively and commercially.

To set up an industry-focused knowledge base and gather together a host of great services and expert people and organisations for the benefit of all members.

To act as a voice for the Bristol music industry, with the ability to make things happen, locally and nationally.

How we measure our success

  • Collaboration between members
  • Input of new ideas to improve opportunities
  • Secured funding or partnerships to benefit member activities
  • A growing network of members and monthly meeting attendance
  • Active engagement with music industry professionals outside Bristol
  • Effective lobbying for change where needed

For more information contact info@bmin.co.uk

There are great discounts on offer to Bmin Members at local retail stores and music-related services! For example, check out our Retail & Hire Services page.